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Kirsten's workouts make you feel good, but not just for the reasons that you might have initially sought her out. Kirsten cultivates a space that is body positive, community oriented AND insanely fun. Don't get me wrong, the workouts are hard. You will definitely get out what you put in, but you will also laugh (a lot) and make some new friends along the way. You are not just dropping into a class. You are joining a community and if you miss some classes, you should expect a phone call! Kirsten cares profoundly and that comes across in absolutely everything she does. Check it out. You will probably be hooked from Day 1, just like I was. 

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I love the varied workouts and I love that you do it right along with us! I appreciate that you recognize some of us are nursing an injury and you give us ways to accommodate for them. I love that you say a personal hello to each of us every class. Also the recipes and personal stories make the hour pass quickly!

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Her classes are varied, never get boring, with attention given to particular muscle groups and she takes the time to communicate the importance of targeting them with good form so as not to sustain injury.



Kirsten’s classes are fun, popular classes and appeal to a very wide age group. 


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You kept us all active with humour, dedication and style! That’s a pandemic ESSENTIAL superstar

By the way, you ARE a superhero in our books⭐️

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There are like a million things that I love about you and your teaching style!!

To name a few:

  • your energy is contagious

  • you are extremely supportive

  • creative with your workouts and you always have alternative exercises for those that are injured etc

  • you always keep things interesting

  • you are kind, supportive and understanding of everyone’s unique fitness and wellness journey

  • you are motivating

  • you make it FUN

  • you are thoughtful and all of your extra efforts and little touches you do for each individual do not go unnoticed


Honestly, I could go on and on....but you helped me see my potential, taught me to be patient with myself, and showed me that I was stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. ️

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Really great mix up of classes…HIIT, DB workout, floor workout last week, Tues. all muscle group…butt still feeling it:) You always make me smile:)  thank you. 

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Nancy McMillan

Last year I turned 65. I was losing mobility, balance and I had no energy. She encourages constantly during her classes. My daughter joined in with me a month into the program. Kirsten challenges two women 36 years apart in age. Six months later I look forward to Kirstens classes. I no longer fear downward dog. I heartily recommend her classes to anyone of any age. 5 Stars 

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Dawn Lupton

I love the way you incorporate so much variety into the workout.  Your workouts always show thought and planning. You also make it easy to adjust each exercise to an individual level of fitness. I love your enthusiasm and zest for fitness....and life in general.  Your workouts are challenging.....but fun.  You are always encouraging!!  Most of all....I love the banter - always entertaining while we workout!

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