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Kirsten Roden

Owner and Everything of Making Changes Fitness

Kirsten is the founder, owner, and sole everything of Making Changes Fitness! 

Kirsten lunged her way into the fitness industry in 2006 by teaching group fitness which she instantly fell in love with not only for herself, but she loved supporting people in achieving their fitness and lifestyle goals. Shortly thereafter, she obtained her Personal Trainer Certification, which proved to be a gateway certification, and quickly became certified in instructing Yoga, Fusion (Yoga & Pilates), Spin and as a Nutrition Advisor. 


Kirsten can’t sit still and as such when she’s not teaching, she’s out seeking adventure and pounding rocks throughout the hills of Vancouver Island with her faithful sidekick and teacher assistant, Winnie, a precocious dachshund who loves hiking, but not dogs who are bigger than she is.


17 years later, Kirsten still loves teaching fitness and keeping active, which she credits as keeping her sane sometimes. This all would come as a huge surprise to her highschool PE teacher who rarely saw Kirsten in class due to her hatred of exercise. Like most people, fitness continues to be a labour of love in which she finds new ways to push herself. Kirsten has raced in a few runs. She hates it, and finds it hard mentally, so she continues to challenge herself.


When she’s not kicking people’s butts and helping them achieve their fitness goals, she is married and plays Mom to two “kids” (21 and 24 yrs old). She loves cooking and food and talking about food she has cooked while working out.


Kirsten has taught at centres all over Greater Victoria, and is often known as perhaps the only fitness teacher who occasionally hands out chocolate and cookies at her classes.

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Winnie Roden

Teacher Assistant

Winnie is Kirsten's faithful teaching assistant in all Making Changes Fitness Classes. Despite many applications, she has yet to realize her dream of being featured on the show "Dogs with Jobs".

Until Hollywood comes a-knocking, she will have to settle for being paid in kibble and kisses.

While it is unproven and unresearched, we would like to claim that Winnie is the only wiener dog teacher assistant in North America! In addition to this, she can and will out-hike you; those little legs move at a frantic pace.

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