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Pilates Work Out


Making Changes Fitness has a wide array of classes perfect for anyone who is looking to make big changes, or one small change at a time. All ages and levels of ability are welcome!

Kirsten teaches three core classes: Fitness Yoga, Total Body Workout, and Bootcamp, with only yoga currently being offered in person due to current Covid guidelines. Check back often for more in-person classes as guidelines allow. In the meantime, join Kirsten online for at least 5 classes a week online, however, Kirsten is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're going to get, so you can expect for additional pop classes to be streamed online. 

All online classes are currently presented through a closed Facebook group. Once you have registered you will be added to the group for unlimited access to all past and future classes.


Yoga Stretch

An effective and exciting "Mind" and "Body" workout. ... It combines slow and controlled breathing techniques with aerobic and anaerobic movements. All poses are Hatha-based, combined with traditional exercise, linked together in a flowing series of poses that create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Ending always in Savassana.

Currently Yoga is being offered in person (limited spaces available).





Combo Class

90 min Total

60 min Strength 30 min Stretch

A full body workout building strength and often with some cardio portions. Modifications are offered. Always ending with abs &  a 30 min Yoga stretch.




A high energy workout with its challenges. The class is designed to push you harder than you would normally push yourself. The class combines body weight exercise, interval training, strength training and calisthenics. Expect to sweat!

Classes are outdoors all year

rain/shine or snow

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