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A Little Bit About Me......

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Introducing myself...

Many of you have known me for up to 10 years as the loud, high energy, spiny instructor... which I am!! But before I had a place to source this energy, where did all this energy go? Sadly not to the best places.. I wish I had been given an outlet at a younger age. Maybe sports? but I wasn’t social (I know your surprised) I ended up with with a bit of anxiety and a racing heart, and a bit of a temper. I hate using the terms ADD or anxiety disorder.... tho I have the attention span of a fork. Trying to learn even now is hard for me, I’m hands on I’m not a good class room student. I think we are all humans learning to live in this world and where we belong. At about 38 I learned what made me tick and comfort in my own skin. Tho don’t we always struggle with that a bit? Thank you to finding this job was I able to find my dream job and wake up every day to do a job I love. Believe it or not I have calmed a lot, I have learned to focus my energy in the right places. Thank you to those who have followed me for 15 years in my career 💕

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