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My Passion for the Outdoors & Hiking

My passion for the outdoors began about 5 years ago when my son every year would move away to go play hockey and I would find a new hobby to distract myself from missing him. One year I took cake decorating classes, then another year I bought a puppy, another year I challenged myself with hiking long distances then the following year I packed my bags and flew to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. So the training began. Like most things I do, I jump in with both feet. Every weekend I would find a new spot around the island. I collected friends quickly. I joined groups and met more like minded people who had also fallen in love in the same way. Within 6 months I was trekking 20-30km most weekend’s. That was the summer the Camino walk was born. The training had begun to travel 320km across Spain in 12 days in Sept 2019 with a friend. Simply the Best adventure of my life! It’s a long story and it was full of events and hard times and beautiful places and people. For me the biggest thing I took away from it was the strength, independence and confidence I built in myself. I will travel back to Europe and do more walks after Covid is over. I will walk further and continue to challenge myself and push my limits. It’s just my new style. If you have ever thought of walking the Santiago de Compestella I recommend you read the book “What the psychic told the Pilgrim” written by Jane Christmas

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