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The Scale and I are Breaking Up

I have decided our relationship isn’t healthy anymore. We are breaking up.... We won’t see each other anymore. I wake feeling strong and fit. I get on the scale with hesitation and there it is... higher then I “should” be. A few years ago I got myself down to my “goal weight,” some of you may remember, I couldn’t keep up in classes, I started to get dizzy, and had to sit down. I was becoming weaker as I cut my calories. As I step off the scale today I started to beat myself up, about the few extra bites of food I shouldn’t have eaten or the Starbucks drink I had 2 days ago. The number in my head I always think I should stay at. Sadly the number is the gauge for so many of us. When I woke I felt stronger then ever!! How can this be? That’s when I decided it... The scale won’t have the chance to do it again. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I take care of myself. I feel pretty damn good! Never again scale, never again.... I encourage you to also walk away from the number. Take care of our bodies, treat it well, and find a mental space where we feel strong. Some of the healthiest people I know carry 5-20 extra lbs. Lets embrace our spirit, our mind and love our bodies for what they are. Enjoy every moment of life! It’s all about Balance!

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