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Diet and Eating Plans?

What is the best eating plan out there?

I have a certification in nutrition advising, and I don’t know the answer!! The rules keep changing??!!! What rules? Everyone has an opinion. Which plan is best for me? My opinion on this is...

The best plan is the one that works for you!! I have tried many programs for a few reasons. One to lose weight another reason is to try and have experience in what everyone is going through!

If I had to pick one plan for someone who is looking for accountability it would be Noom or Weight Watchers. I like the idea of balanced eating plans. I don’t like diets! I don’t like eliminating food groups. I think everything in moderation.

Intermittent fasting works great for me based on my work schedule. I bounce around in about a 5 lb weight range. I try and keep my eating window to 6-8 hrs per day. Tho if I happen to be hungry outside of those hours I rarely will deprive myself unless I know I’m losing control. When this happens I will often get back on WW for a short time to hit reset. I think it’s about “mindful eating.”

Pay attention to your patterns such as emotional eating, that time of the month, shifts in hormones, alcohol consumption, social events and who you surround yourself with. If we pay attention to our body we are more likely to work with it and catch ourselves when we fall.

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