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Client Update Dianne

Client Update-Dianne

As a young gal Dianne was a competitive swimmer for South Africa. She almost made it to the Olympics in 1964 but due to the apartheid South Africa was eliminated. She continued her sports and active lifestyle, until 68 years old, when she suffered a frozen shoulder.

Diane Foster joined classes with Making Changes Fitness 5 months ago. She began with Yoga classes and after four months she decided to up her game and do the fitness combo classes as well. In the 5 months Dianne has been coming she has now lost 7lbs and on par to go off her Blood Pressure meds very soon! Hurray for Her!!

Dianne has such a great attitude and is having so much fun in fitness. She is always smiling and her great energy only encourages those amongst her.

“I started getting fit again thanks to you (Kirsten)and your classes. I love the fitness, fun and friendship of your classes also chocolates are supplied. Never had that with swimming at the end of a race!

Thank you for your encouragement, motivation and example. Motion is lotion for our joints.

If you don’t take care of your health, you lose so much over the years. If I was at full fitness now, I would also be at boot camp. That is a dream and goal. Don’t retire yet please.”

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