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My Latest Venture

Those of you who haven’t heard yet, 5 friends and I will be leaving Victoria area on Thursday May 19th & arriving in Ladysmith on Monday May 23rd. We will walk 5 days stopping 4 nights in Airbnbs along the way. Our walk will be approximately 150kms. This will not be an easy task. Our feet will take a beating and we will walk and navigate ourselves to each Airbnb. We will carry most of our supplies and have some drops from family along the way.

Many people have asked why? Why would we do this? What’s the reason?

Im not sure I have the answer? I have some ideas tho…. Maybe I will have more thoughts after we complete?

For now this is what I have?

To relive our adventures in Spain.

To push ourselves beyond our daily limits.

To be a part of a strong team of women who support each other.

To become stronger mentally.

I will do an update soon.

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